Our experts will assist you at all stages of the project from initial consultation, design and installation all the way through to completion of your dust or fume extraction system and even the after-sales service.

We are able to offer a pure design only service for companies who wish to either manufacture or source the goods and materials themselves, especially cost effective for projects outside the UK and the equipment is very large and expensive to ship.

For your dust extraction problems we can provide all forms of ducting, fans and filtration units, including cartridge filters and tubular or envelope fabric filters and wet dust arrestors/scrubbers. For fume extraction systems we can again provide ductwork, filters, gas scrubbers, weld fume extraction systems and electrostatic precipitators. Dustair Ltd can offer COSHH surveys of your plants within the UK whether to do with dust extraction or fume extraction systems.

We also have close ties with other UK based companies that can offer full health and environmental surveys. Please take the opportunity to browse our website, then contact us to discuss your dust extraction and fume extraction requirements.