Bridgnorth Aluminium

Dustair have been involved in the aluminium and steel rolling industry for a number of years providing both new bespoke equipment as well as specialist designs and upgrade of existing processes to improve both the aesthetic‘s and the operations of the equipment. In this instance the state but contracted by Bridgnorth aluminium to increase the fume exhaust efficiency on the cold rolling mill and to dramatically reduce the noise generated external to the premises. The existing plant utilised a high-speed belt driven axial type fan which though delivering a reasonable volume to the exhaust system was fairly inefficient and noisy. The problem for Dustair was that the equipment had to be installed within a tight time frame and incorporated into an existing ductwork system where there was both limited space and access. The ductwork system was also fully welded from end to end creating further problems as it was exhausting kerosene fumes therefore the risk of Fire caused by sparks or frictional heat were very high. If these concerns were not enough further limitations were that the equipment was on and elevated first floor of the building and therefore everything had to be designed able to pass through a dedicated access opening utilising and overhead crane which had limited heights and lateral access within the working area.

Upon commencement of the shutdown specialist tools and equipment were utilised to dismantle the existing ductwork safely so that it could be broken down into smaller sections for removal from the area. Once this has been complete The new fan, attenuation and ductwork components could then be installed in the area. Limited crane access meant that the attenuating section had to be manually moved into position under the train rails. weighing over a tonne, this in itself created a number of problems however for thought and sensible design provided a number of steel runners on the base of the silencer section which could be placed over a series of bar rollers and the attenuator rolled into position so easily that a single person could locate silencer.

Following completion of the installation tests around the equipment proved that the highly efficient aerofoil blade of the fan kept the noise levels to an absolute minimum. The noise level reduction was such that previously it was apparent even at the Gatehouse that the mill was rolling due to the noise of the fan but following completion even standing adjacent to the building where the mill was located it was impossible to tell if the mill exhaust system was in operation!! . The project was also completed well within the designated timeframes leaving a happy customer and neighbours.