William Cooks Foundry Sheffield

Lost Wax Install

Dustair was recently contracted by William Cook‘s in Sheffield to assist in their relocation of their foundries from one of their existing sites to their main location in the Parkway. As part of the relocation process they moved their dressing shop, lost wax casting facility of the as well as their main sand casting and core shop. This all needed the provision of a combination of both existing and new equipment to be installed at their new location.

The lost wax process utilised an existing dry filtration equipment that had to be dismantled and transported on low loaders from one side of Sheffield to the other. At the new site this was in re, erected / assembled and then connected to the relocated machines with new ductwork and hooding manufactured and installed by Dustair.

Main Foundry Installation

In addition the owner Sir Andrew Cook required bespoke pivoting hoods to be fitted over the furnaces enabling easier operation and maintenance. The bespoke design and manufacture of the equipment was done completely in house by Dustair resulting in the three independently standing exhaust hoods which can seen below.

Similar hoods were required in the main foundry, however in this instance it wasn’t possible for the ductwork to enter the area either from above or the side due to the overhead cranes and the operation of the equipment within the confined area created by the train gantry. As a consequence the ductwork had to pass through the confined area below the elevated floor avoiding all of the electrical busbars that were feeding furnaces, before emerging and rising up to connect to the pivoting hoods. These hoods had to move independently to allow the loading and operation of the furnaces. These areas where exhausted independently back to a new filtration plant that used a reverse jet system to remove the contaminants from the filter media continuously on line before discharging the clean air to atmosphere. Once again all of this was supplied delivered and installed by Dustair.

Additional ductwork and ventilation was also provided for the core shop where the moulds were made , removing the fumes from the various processes and evacuating these to atmosphere. Design of the hoods and the ductwork was all within the stairs scope of supply resulting in an affective Dust and Fume extraction system for the new foundry that was open officially by Lord Sebastian Coe on. Dustair were invited to be present at the opening ceremony and were noted as one of the key suppliers in the project by Sir Andrew Cook during his opening speech. Dustair are happy to have been able to provide an effective service and operating system for our customer. Should you require any assistance with ventilation in your foundry or similar process please do not hesitate to contact us.