For many years Dustair LTD have been designing and supplying rolling mill exhaust upgrades for existing systems throughout Europe and other countries.

When rolling flat products such as aluminium strip or steel this generates large quantities of fumes, which derive from the coolant used. These fumes can be both hazardous and flammable dependent upon the nature of the product and therefore they must be removed to provide protection. In addition, removal of the fumes provides good visibility to the operator of the equipment to allow the safe use of the process. These fume exhaust systems commonly enclose and house the full mill housings and many parts of the assembly and therefore become a structural part of the equipment. The hoods can be used as a means of both conveying services from floor level to the upper platform of the mill as well as providing a structure on to which control equipment can be mounted. Designs of the full platform structure including flooring, steelworks, interfaces with the services and cladding of the mill assembly are all included within our scope of supply. We have provided structures in excess of 25 metres long by 9 metres wide weighing many tonnes incorporating full access platforms and access stairways. As the hooding and enclosures fully clad the mill housings they become an important part of the aesthetic of the equipment. As such we often have to work our designs around aesthetic structure that forms the mill profile and gives it its own signature design. We have regularly attended site throughout the world in order to upgrade the existing extraction systems providing both improvements to the structure and the containment in control of the fume. We are happy to carry out these improvements on existing plant and equipment in order to meet the current strict regulations controlling the containment of the fume.

Case Studies

Case Study 1

Before and after images of a Hot Rolling Mill fume exhaust  hoods and enclosures in Sweden , designed by Dustair to control and contain the fumes generated by the operation…

Before and after images of a hot rolling mill fume exhaust hoods and enclosures in Sweden, designed by Dustair to control and contain the fumes generated by the operation of rolling laminated strip for industrial applications. The mill was inspected, survey and measured by Dustair engineers who then produced detailed drawings for manufacture of the equipment by the customer’s local suppliers for assembly onto the mill as part of a series of upgrades to both the mill and the fume exhaust systems.

Rolling Mill Upgrades

Case Study 2

Before and after images of Aluminium Hot Rolling mill run by Pichiney in  Southern France. Upgrade to the extraction system was a complete design, manufacture…

Before and after images of an aluminium hot rolling mill run by Pichiney in Southern France. Upgrade to the extraction system was a complete design, manufacture, supply and installation package run from the UK offices of Dustair Ltd. Full surveys were carried out on the plant before offering upgrades of the fume control system. Dustair supplied bespoke hoods, ductwork, dampers, filter system and fan to improve the fume control around the mill during hot rolling of the slab and strip. All works completed during an extended Christmas shutdown with Dustair engineers on site to install the equipment either side of Christmas.

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